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October 29th, 2011, 08:52 AM
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I found this link, and some of the pictures are actually quite scary and disturbing! These are the Top 15 most famous ghost pictures. Have a brandy at the ready to calm your nerves or snuggle up to your DP before you open the link!
(scroll down past the headers)
* Where the stars are should be a 4-letter mild swear word rhyming with SAM which JM will not post (is that word worse in the US, it's barely swearing at all in the UK??) - anyway you'll have to copy paste the link and add that word yourself to make it work. Sadly I can't find another equivalent link without it.*


Which do you think are real? Which do you think are fake? Which completely spooked you out?

Or you may find it interesting to read about the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the world: if you live near one of them, perhaps you could arrange a haunted Hallowe'en visit!

They are, in case you'd like to know:
1. Borley Rectory, Essex, England
2. The Whaley House, California
3. Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England
4. The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana
5. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia
6. The Tower of London, England (Steph + Tiff should know all about that one!)
7. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky
8. RMS Queen Mary, California
9. The White House, Washington DC
10. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

With pictures and ghosty details:
Top 10 Most Haunted Places

Do you get any "vibes" from any of these? Have you been to any? Are you visiting anywhere spooky this Hallowe'en?

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