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October 29th, 2011, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by *~Amanda~* View Post
I do believe in them. I don't believe that most who claim they have that ability are.

I had an experience with one that I really do believe she had some kind of talent for it. She was actually advertised as a pet psychic at an animal festival. I sat my normally happy-loves-everyone dog on my lap to get a "reading". When she leaned into him, he put his head to the side and wouldn't make eye contact with her. It was very strange behavior for him.

Since, he wouldn't "talk" to her, she started talking about "someone" with me. She asked me, "Is your grandma still living? Your mom's mom?" I said yes, she's perfectly healthy. She said, "No. No. This lady is closely linked with your mom. Are you sure your grandma's still aliv?" I told her no, no, no, my grandma was perfectly healthy and had at least another 10 years in her.

In my head, I'm thinking, "Lady, you are so fake. Fake. Fake. You're not for real in any way. I've caught you in a lie. Give it up."

THEN, the lady starts describing "who" was with me..... and no, it wasn't general things that anyone could guess. She was describing my mom's twin sister who passed away 10 years earlier. She knew the month my aunt died in....she had only a 1 in 12 chance of getting that right. And, honestly, if there was anyone who would have been with me that had passed on, it would have been my aunt. Since my mom and her were twin sisters, I saw my aunt 2-3 days a week and she was almost like a 2nd mom to me.

I know some "mediums" have microphones in other rooms and listen to what others are saying to get ideas of what to say; but I hadn't talked about my aunt all day, let alone anywhere at this pet festival.

So yeah, I do believe in them.
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