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October 30th, 2011, 01:13 AM
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Went in on the 19th at 5:30 pm to start induction. Took about 2 hours til they started pitocin. We were supposed to start with cervadil but because I was already dilated to one and contracting on my own my OB decided to skip right to the pitocin. On the 20th I was still only to one with having heavy contractions that were pretty painful. I had been given two doses of nuvane thru the night to help me sleep. After being on the pitocin for 17 hours they turned it off to let my body rest. 5 hrs later they turned it back on with a new bag. The next day I was dilated to 2. Joy. I had another dose of nuvane but it didnt seem to work as well at stopping the pain. At around 2 o'clock on the 21st I was dilated to 3 so they broke my water. About 2 1/2 hrs later I was dilated to 6! I was in so much pain I gave in and asked for the epidural. (I had horrible experiences with it my last labor and was sure I would not get it) Well the epidural guy came in the room and if I wasn't in so much pain I would have laughed. He looked all of 22 years old. I told him to get out and wouldn't let him touch me. I was at 6 or 7 when he came in the room. When he left five minutes later I screamed that I needed to push and the nurse looked at me like I was nuts but layed me back to check me. I was at 9 and she felt his head moving down. My OB was in the hallway asking if she had time to go grab a propel water. Again if I wasnt in pain I would have laughed. The nurse yelled NO so she came in the room and grabbed her gloves. I was already pushing and the nurse yelled 'I see his head! Heather, wait til the doctor has her gloves on!' Well she musta moved hecka fast caz she caught him just in time. She hollered at my DH to come over to cut the cord. Poor guy looked like he was bout to pass out! But she knew it was important to me and I'm glad she got him to do it. So is he now after the fact The let me hold Noah for a minute and then took him away to clean him up and weigh him. He came out at 8lb 8 oz and 20 inches long. He has brown hair and cloudy blue eyes. I'm praying they stay blue! I think it was all of three pushes to get him out. I have never been more thankful for anything than not getting that epidural. Could you imagine?! Getting it done for all of 5 minutes of labor and pushing?!?? Crazy lol. Anyhow I felt amazing after he was out. Within two hours I was up and walking around and taking a shower. It is incredible to me compared to my first baby that I got an epi with and wasn't able to walk on my own for two days!!! I did tear again this time but a week later and its already pretty much healed and all swelling is gone. My son is now 9 days old and I'm already thinking of how I can talk DH into another one asap! hehe.
Noah James

Here's me and Noah 3 hours after he was born

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