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October 31st, 2011, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by noworries View Post
My son Eli was stillborn at 26 weeks. His cause of death was a virus that I contracted while I was pregnant with him (Cytomegalovirus or CMV). Once we got the ok from the high risk doc that the CMV wouldn't be a problem with another pregnancy, we started trying and got pregnant on the 2nd cycle. It was a little less than 3 months after Eli was stillborn that I got pregnant again.
The only thing I would warn you of is that since I got pregnant 3 months after Eli was born, my due date was on Eli's 1st birthday and that was kind of hard for me. My son Isaac ended up coming a few days early so he wasn't born on Eli's birthday but it's still kind of hard with their birthdays being just a few days apart.
your children are absolutely adorable. i think having another baby due on my daughter's birthday would be difficult but amazing in a way. i hear what you're saying though. i just want to be pregnant again. badly. it's like i'm obsessed with it now. i wanted to become pregnant so badly with my daughter but it's so much more intense now. i am really hoping and praying my husband will just cooperate! he's so fearful that we will experience preeclampsia and hellp syndrome again. we have no guarantee but i am willing to take that chance.

Originally Posted by miraclebaby2011 View Post
It is 2 months for me and I have been ready. I think it's a possibility I could be pregnant now because I have been having mixed results on hpt but I am starting to have some of the same syptoms that I did before....good luck in your decision...
yay for you! i'm crossing my fingers. i can't wait until i am pregnant again.
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