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October 31st, 2011, 07:21 PM
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When they were small, I did well with a crossed cradle hold. Caleb was quite a bit bigger, so I'd latch him first and then lay Lynndi kind of on his legs and latch her on the other side.

As they got to be a little bigger, I found it difficult to nurse both at once. Yes, football hold on the couch with appropriate cushioning worked okay, as did laying in bed with one beside me and one draped football-style over my top side, but other than that I didn't do a lot of dual nursing for most of their infancy.

Now that they are bigger and can sit up, I sometimes nurse them both at once by sitting them one on each leg facing me and just let them lean forward and nurse sitting up. It's a little awkward to do anywhere but at home, and they don't fall asleep well in that position, but it works great for times like when we've been gone from the house for a while and they just want a quick nip or if one of them is nursing and refuses to let go while the other one screams in need. LOL Sometimes it's just easier to latch them both then to have them take turns!

That said, I spent a LOT of time nursing during those in-between months (from about 2 months old until around 10 months). I just found it easier to nurse one at a time and stay in the living room than I did to leave the other kids by themselves and go to the bedroom to nurse. We didn't have a very comfy couch, and only one other chair, so not really enough space to do that anyway.

All that out there, I'll say now that I've really really enjoyed nursing. It sure has boosted my confidence in just being MOM. I've nursed three other babies for at least a year each (my second son self-weaned at 11 months - I was pregnant), but this did huge things for just my... I dunno what to call it... how I think about myself. Not esteem really... but sort of. Even with all the training I've had (I'm a WIC breastfeeding peer counselor, as well as just a nut who is interested in nursing and has done a lot of studying, even considered becoming a lactation consultant some day), and even having nursed other babies, I was a little worried about mechanics and just physically being ABLE to do this. I shouldn't have worried, and am SO GLAD I did!!

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