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November 1st, 2011, 06:14 PM
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So I took down our halloween decorations today and decided while I was at it I might as well get out the Christmas decorations and put them up as well. I only have 2.5 weeks left (maximum!) til Bella is here and each day is jam packed with things we already have going on.

So obviously yes it's early to decorate for xmas, I usually do it after Thanksgiving but knowing that I will have NO energy to do so after giving birth and having a newborn, I want to make sure I have them out so my son can enjoy the holidays with a decorated house. Because of this weekends events we weren't even able to have time to get a pumpkin and carve it which I feel so guilty about even though he doesn't really know what he missed since he's 3 but still...I don't want him to go without a christmas decorated house too!

So I posted on my FB that I took down my halloween decorations and put up our xmas ones because if I didn't do it today, it likely wouldn't have gotten done! Then like 2 minutes later someone made their status: "I don't understand everyone's obsession with Christmas time and setting up for it already dont get me wrong i love it but thanksgiving is a holiday too!!!!!"

OBVIOUSLY that's aimed at me considering I had JUST posted about it so I'm thinking to myself, *** why are you so rude and passive-aggressive which is just childish to me! Ugh. I posted on it saying "I put mine up today since I know I won't be doing it after I give birth and I want my son to have a christmas-y house for the holidays!"

Maybe I'm being hormonal, but that pissed me off and I just had to vent lol Thanks for listening
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