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November 2nd, 2011, 02:07 PM
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Hi Lisa and welcome here! I saw your post in the stillbirth forum. I too ended up with HELLP syndrome last December and had to deliver our daughter too early at only 22 weeks and she was too small to survive. I had to be in the hospital for eight days after and was sick for quite some time. Don't be surprised if you feel sick and depleted for awhile. It was a good 4 months before I finally felt like I had regained some energy back. And it was probably a good 4 months before my blood pressure finally got under control.

My two older boys were born before I was diagnosed with lupus. Before you think about TTC again, make sure you consult with a high risk doctor first. My maternal fetal specialist told me after developing HELLP so early on that it would be too much of a risk for me to have any more, but I also have renal involvement with my lupus so I'm not sure how that changes things. It would be a good idea to have a specialist on board from the beginning.

Are you still in remission or did the HELLP knock it out? Are you on any meds currently? How are you feeling? I know it is tough being physically sick and emotionally worn out at the same time. I just took it one day at a time.
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