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November 4th, 2011, 06:33 AM
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I just wondered if you ladies would like to do a few fun things together as a board for Christmas, and if you had any ideas?

I think exchanges involving sending things by post are out due to people's budgets and the fact that we're a relatively new group.

However I thought we could maybe have a Christmas quiz with a prize (it would probably be a reading/healing session from me)? Would people participate in that?

I also wondered about doing a Battle of the Christmas songs just for fun, to get a bit of a party atmosphere going. We could all nominate a few Christmas songs we love, and then pit them against each other in votes on the run-up to Christmas, and try to orchestrate it so that the ultimate Christmas song is revealed on Christmas Eve. I was thinking if we posted YouTube links of our songs it would be quite festive. This could also be something to involve our sister board with, and we could also have a blinkie or something made up for our siggy and add siggy links to the current competition thread to entice other people over to join in the fun.

The last thing I thought of is an e-card exchange where we would send a card to every girl participating by email. We could each include a Christmas poem, a link, or a joke or something which we think the others would like, to make each other smile.

What do you think? Which if any of these would you join in with? Have you any other ideas at all?

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