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November 4th, 2011, 02:31 PM
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My Daughter Jamie had a hearing test the other day. I am a little confused and I am wondering if I could get advise from someone. They tested her ears to see if the eardrum moved. There was a difference in her ears but both Moved. They done a few tests to see if the ear responded to frequency and you saw a difference on Paper between her 2 ears. They put us in a sound booth and done a test to see if she would respond to vocal. She kept turning so her right ear was Facing the speaker. They did say she can hear and she hears better out of her right ear but they said they did not need to see her again. I am wondering why they would not need to see her again if there is a difference in her ears. I know she has neurological problems affecting her eyes and we waited because an opthamologist told us she just had a big nose and would grow into it. Is this something I should push for more testing on or is this something that I should Wait and see what is going to happen? Is it Normal if they find a difference in how each ear hears to not see them again?
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