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November 6th, 2011, 07:06 AM
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I'm so emotional lately. I just want to give up, as of yesterday. I was having a down day. Was letting it all out to my mother and just on the verge of tears and she looks out the window and says "I wonder if the mail came yet". Wow, what a nice way to make your daughter feel like ****. I feel so alone right now. No one listens, no one cares anymore. I think they all just look at me as infertile and don't want to hear about it. Also I had a really big feeling yesterday was my actual O day. The cramps, the +OPK being 2 days before, I dunno, just really think it was the day and DH had no interest in me what so ever. And we missed BD the night before too. So looks like this won't be our month. (then again temps and OPK/cramps aren't lining up anyways so who knows if it was even a real O) Maybe our time isn't going to come. He's so negative and I don't think he understands that sometimes BD will feel like "work", but if we want a baby as bad as we say then I don't see a problem with just going with the schedule every now and then. But, apparently he doesn't feel the same way. Oh well. Maybe I should just be done? I really don't know. This past month I've been so back in forth with my attitude. Sometimes I feel so hope full and others I've been so ready to give up it's not even funny. I just wish I knew what to do or where I stood with all this.

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