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November 7th, 2011, 07:27 AM
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In week 10 - Too freaking sick to care about much. .... I met the midwife, she is so awesome its ridiculous so thats a relife. I still have my nasty first tri symptoms but at this point, I can hardly tell them apart from the cold. I am going to call today and see if antibiotics might be in order. Started the 2nd job, which is both great and tiring. DD is still being fantastic. SO is not, and basically, its over. Still working on finishing the house. Anxious to get done so I can figure out how to fit baby into it, lol. My mom and sister know now, and are being positive. I hope this last. I will be glad in a week or so when I am all better because I would love to get back to excercise and eatting right. I hate being grumpy / sick / lazy.
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