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November 7th, 2011, 08:18 PM
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After being discouraged yet again after my OB appt on the 1st, and being told Iíd more than likely be induced on the 11th I gave up all hope of my son coming on his due date or even on his own. I just went about my normal routine, dealt with lots of heartburn and not being able to get comfortable at all.

On Thursday, November 3rd at around 10pm I felt a gush. I wasnít sure what had happened and went to the bathroom, thatís when I saw I had possibly broken my water. I called L&D and they told me to come in and bring my bags. I let my mother know, and we get ready to go. We got there at around 11:30pm and had to wait about 30-45 minutes. Contractions had NOT started yet. The doctor on call, checks to see if my water had broken and the swab was positive, he also checks me and Iím 2cm. He tells me Iím being admitted to have the baby. I got soooo excited!!!! 2-3am Iím instructed to walk and see if it helps my cervix. At around 3:30am Iím brought into my room to labour, and at 5:11pm the Oxytocin was started.

After the nurse switch over I get the same nurse I had after a NST and sheís AMAZING! Iím so happy she was my nurse during everything, she was just really really nice. At around 8:30am Iím checked by Dr. Persad, she tells me Iím still at 2 and sheís going to break the rest of my water. IT HURT LIKE HELL! LOL! So after that, the Oxytocin is increased and I end up gushing twice more on the floor while trying to go to the bathroom.

At around 9:30am I was asking for the epidural, the dose of the Oxytocin hit me all at once and wasnít comfortable at all for me. After the epidural Iím able to sleep, and Iím checked at 12:30pm only to be told Iím at 3cm. She tells me due to the fact Iíve been on Oxytocin for 7 hours and I havenít really changed sheís giving me 2-4 hours to progress further or Iím having a C-Section.

3:30pm rolls around and Iím still a 3, so Iím put in line for the Section. I get taken back at 6pm, and anxiety hit hard when I was rolled into the OR, it was really emotional.. After what seemed to be an hour my mom is brought back and it begins. Minutes later I hear ďheadís outĒ and then he started to scream, lots of pressure and pulling and the rest of his body was out. They showed him to my mom but I couldnít see. I was hysterically crying, I couldnít believe he was finally here!! I looked over at him on the table and he looked SO big! I hear them say ďheís 10 pounds!!!Ē Still couldnít believe it!!!

After heís all cleaned off and Iím switched into another bed off we go to recovery and Iím absolutely beat. My mom was able to take him out to see my dad and sister who waited around. After almost 3 hours in recovery Iím taken to my room, where he did breastfeed however it didnít last. Not his fault, most likely my own.. I just didnít want him to not get anything. So heís now on formula.

Rhys Peter Samuel ~ November 4th, 2011 ~ 6:49pm ~ 10lbs ~ 23.6Ē long

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