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November 8th, 2011, 09:41 AM
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So first of all let me say that these were WAY too hard for my meager skills.... I had fun messing around with dying the fabric, thinking about my design, etc though. It was hard to find time to actually sew them with the baby.

They are two T-shaped pieces of OBV, one much narrower T of snappiable embellishment fabric (found on clearance in the thermal section of a local fabric store) and 2 soaker strips of the same (it was a 100% cotton knit).

I sewed the soaker pieces together and then sewed it to the wrong side of the OBV.

I topstitched the snappiable T print to the right side of the other piece of OBV (not on the outer edges where the seam will be though) and then pinned the two pieces together inside out

Then I stitched around the border leaving a few inch gap on top, trimmed the corners, turned it rightside out, then topstitched. Also topstitched around the soaker pad. Done! The final product is bigger than a medium (red edge) GMD prefold and much stretchier. I used stretch stitches for everything, the triple straight stitch and the broken zig zag.

6 new diapers!! First my prototype and then pumped out the five others. I loooooooooove them, only OBV against the skin and a cute print!
The OBV on my first one has faded to grayish color and gotten sherpa-y, but it still looks great and is nice and cushy. These are now almost 1/4 of our main stash. I am very proud of myself even though they are quite amateur in how perfect they are. They work though!!
Thanks for looking

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