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November 9th, 2011, 09:54 AM
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How's it going? Tell us about your month! I am tired. They have started sleeping longer stretches at night but they are STILL not sleeping completely through the night, plus my cousin is getting married so I have had bridal shower/bachelorette party/wedding to help plan as I am the maid of honor and I am just so stinking tired.

Have your babies noticed each other yet? Do they interact, and how so? Do you think they "like" each other? They do notice each other, and they notice when the other is not around and keep looking around for each other. Their biggest thing lately is to grab each other's hair and pull, so I am not sure they "like" each other just yet.

If you do gifts for the holidays, what are you thinking you may get for the babies?
For their big gifts we got them each PBK Anywhere Chairs from the super secret sale, and a Laugh and Learn Learning Home (from Craigslist). We have gotten some vinyl books for stocking stuffers. I am not sure what else we are going to do.

Had any appointments recently? Ultrasounds?
Erm, no ultrasound here...I think I would freak out if I were pregnant again. We did go to Children's Hospital last month for Tristan to have a sedated ABR to check his hearing. That was scary.

When is the next doctor appointment? Mid-December they have their 9 month check-up. I can't wait to see how much they weigh. I really think they have been on a growth spurt recently because it is nonstop eating and waking up all the time and sleeping during the day.

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