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November 9th, 2011, 06:27 PM
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I thank Jesus , family n friends for helping me
get through my long journey to meeting my 1st
born baby Jakaira 6/7/12 Life will never be the
same and to that I sing n dance.

what we did right before conceiving baby Jakaira
my personal notes for when we decide to try for baby #2

tooken out of my old ttc journal

Quick, quick update. I wanted to include in my old ttc journal
what dh & I took for the month of Oct 2011 that lead to my bfp....
1st of all Prayer & Faith.

He took L-Arginine,FertilityBlend for Men, Geritol
(not on purpose but he had to cut down on his drug for depression)
and one night either on O-day or real close to it...he took Damiana (suppose
to help with getting in the mood (tmi) kinda like a fertility drug (kinda) its
for men & women.....

I took Fertility Blend SP-1 by Solaray the 7 days of my last period. Geritol.
and one night either on O-day or real close to it...I took Damiana.
I would sometimes take L-Arginine for energy purposes (but not during the 2ww)

and during ovulation window we tried something new for/to us...called
Conceive Plus by Sasmar....I highly recommend that. (he prefers that
over everything else that we had tried prior.

I tried to have more healthy eating days than not. tried to go out and do something weather it was walking/riding my bike....

til l see my nurse& doctor real soon.... I am taking Welcome Womb and
progesterone supplements (just in case) time will tell on how this goes.

(something i did not do previously) is go to the dentist regularly( which i will always do now ) the dental hygenist recommended that when brushing my teeth & swishing with listerine that i use a tongue scraper to get bad bacteria off of my tongue so that red blood cells can go to the other parts of my body instead of staying on my tongue to fight the bacteria. She recommend that I floss twice a day( the last time i do it, before I go to bed) and going to the dentist regularly for checkups, cleaning and to get any work that needs to be done.(i floss, brush, swish with Listerine and scape tongue after every meal/snack)

something i read (when you are pregnant)
Dehydration During Pregnancy

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