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November 9th, 2011, 10:43 PM
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multiples names and birthday: Dalton and Dakota June 16th 2011

How's it going? Tell us about your month! Ehh its been ok. We hit a 4 month sleep regression and its slowly getting better but each night is different from the next. I am feeling really worn down and exhausted. It's not helping that the 4 yo is being a bit difficult also.

Have your babies noticed each other yet? Do they interact, and how so? Do you think they "like" each other? Oh they really start "talking" to each other. They smile alot and like reaching/touching each other when they are laying on the ground or doing tummy time together. Dalton usually talks more to Dakota then she talks back to him. She has quite the fiesty personality.

If you do gifts for the holidays, what are you thinking you may get for the babies? A few age appropriate toys and clothes. Nothing big as they aren't even old enough to know what is going on.

Had any appointments recently? Ultrasounds? Just their 4 month about a month ago.

When is the next doctor appointment? December 22nd

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