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November 10th, 2011, 09:36 AM
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I would really like a siggy please! Your work is AMAZING!

I would like the picture above. I would like it to read:

"Kody, Mommy to Azalynn, Aniya, Leyton, and Linden"

and then

"Doing the best she can, doing it on her own, and loving every minute of it!"

I hope you can squeeze all that wording in! As for colors, I don't have a preference. I do know that I don't want anybody cut out of the picture and placed into a scene..if that's makes sense. I want the picture to remain whole. I hope that isn't confusing you! If you have any questions please email me...I won't be able to get back online for awhile though so I hope it makes sense!

Thank You!
Mommy of Four

Thank You Alethia for the Siggy!
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