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November 10th, 2011, 05:19 PM
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Thank u naomi. Well I couldnt tell u where I am n my cycle. I had ewcm n o pain cd 10 n then again cd 14 so idk what to think. Last nite I got sick 2 my stomach I was tossing n turning all nite n today it didn't get any better. The app on my phone says expect af on the 13th so i will w8 til then. Last night I had reached for the lamp and had this pulling feeling in my pelvic
Area n it was quite painful since then I have had heavy feeling down there while I use the bathroom n cramps. I don't think I am preg but this is something new. I took my prometrium last nite so that could b y. Idk I just want the 13th 2 come so I can start. My opk n book i is on its way.

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