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November 10th, 2011, 10:00 PM
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So Lily in fact might be my last child.

I have the mirena, which I have had about 4 months now. About oh... 2 months ago I started to get pains in my uterus. I think I posted about it here. Wondering it it was ectopic, embedded, infection, something like that. Went to the doctor, got an ultrasound... everything looked fine. Doc said it might be the hormones or just me getting used to an IUD. Said it can take up to 6 months for some girls to get used to an IUD.

Well the past 2 months have REALLY sucked, especially the past month. The past 2 weeks I've had to take the percocet prescribed for my head pain, for my cramping and such. I've had no pregnancy symptoms so I wasn't worried about an ectopic. I made an appointment today since I was seeing my doctor for my headaches. I am on a drug contract since I am prescribed daily pain meds, so I wanted to be careful and let my doctor and OBGYN know that my pain is severe enough to warrant percocet and need a refill, but technically I am not supposed to use my meds for any other pain other than headaches. But the pain is just that bad. So yeah... it sucks.

So I go into the ultrasound, and my polyps aren't back (which is good, I dealt with that last year and needed surgery) but now and dealing with cysts which are filling with blood and bursting again, over and over. This is also messing with my hormones, which is messing with my moods. This explains why I have my "period" every other week. The cysts are pretty big on my left side, not as big on the right. Its no wonder I am in pain, but my doctor isn't wanting to jump to surgery yet. He wants to wait a bit and see if they fix on their own, which he said usually the body does take care of them on their own. But sometimes they dont, and they do require surgery to fix. I have some fibroids, which I knew about, which can also cause pain.

The risk with the cysts is that they can burst and cause hemorrhaging. They can also really mess up my ovaries. I am worried that if I have the surgery... whats the risk of this just coming back? So if I do have the surgery... well... I might just have them take out my ovaries and be done with my baby making. Tony doesnt want any more kids, but again, we aren't even married or engaged. I'm not making this a decision on HIM. But he doesn't want this to be a procedure that I need to go back and have done again or something that I am in pain all the time. I am in a lot of pain... I mean I am taking percocet throughout the day because this hurts so **** bad.

So am I done? Maybe. I just dont know. I dont want to be done, I really dont, but Im facing the reality that at my next check up, if this cyst is bigger, my doctor is going to go with the surgery route. Which will mean I need to make some big decisions.

This sucks. At least I have answers though. Last time I was in pain and nothing showed on the ultrasound, this time at least something is showing and they can definitely say that they understand I am in a lot of pain.
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