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November 11th, 2011, 10:48 AM
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Hi all -

I just found out that I am about 8 weeks pregnant. I know this seems kind of late to find out, but I've never really had a "normal" menstrual cycle and have gone longer w/ missed periods so when I didn't get my period the 1st month it didn't even cross my mind since I was not planning or trying to conceive... unfortunately, we can't always plan life.

Now that I've found out (yesterday), I'm torn with the choice of whether or not I should keep the baby. I'm concerned my behavior over the past 2 months while not knowing of the pregnancy may have done serious harm to the baby. I'm prescribed aderall which I take every day - 20mg. I also have IBS and must use laxatives every other day or in order to go to the bathroom at all. I've also gone about my normal routein of going out w/ friends & indulging in alcoholic beverages... many! Sometimes a few bottles of wine, other times up to 5-6 drinks made w/ hard liquor (vodka).

I've been completely crushed since yesterday thinking that I've seriously harmed my baby without even realizing it. I can't imagine there has not been any harm done to the babys health or formation, features, etc... I've been reading tons of articles on the web for the past 2 days that state the first 3 months are the most crucial. I can't bare the thought of bringing a child into the world that could I could have possibly harmed physically, developmentally or any other way.

I'm completely torn about whether or not I should terminate the pregnancy... I'm hoping there is maybe someone out there that has a similar situation and can help shed some light on the damage done or maybe what the outcome of their situation was.

Really thank you guys in advance
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