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November 12th, 2011, 12:45 AM
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Well like I posted b4 i don't know where i am at n my cycle. Af is due sunday. I took a test. Eek haven't taken a test n so long. It was a dollar tree test. I know I know i said i wouldn't use those cuz they good for evaps. I just wanted to practice. I think it gave me another evap. I c the line but don't know if it has color. Sometimes i c pink sometimes i think its grey. Idk but its there. I wanted to ask dh if he see it but don't want to get his hopes up. I been peeing alot lately. I mean like b4 I took the test I felt I had to go bad n when i went it was just enough to fill a medicine measuring cup. Then an hour later I had to go again badly n that flow was more. Idk what's that about. Maybe I have a uti
I'm typing n have 2 go again but I'm going to hold it for my test n the am. I'm also having nauseas spells. Again idk.... I can't wait til sunday well probably monday r tuesday cuz I'm taking the progesterone. Which might work n my favor give a chance for my stuff to come in yay! Ttyl

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