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November 12th, 2011, 01:26 PM
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I had the fibroids before (which have gotten a little bigger) but not the cysts. I do know the cysts are a side effect, but he doesnt believe the are from the mirena. We have TONS of uterine problems in my family. The reason I needed the mirena was to keep away uterine polyps which needed surgery, so it needed pro's and con's, ya know? Cysts like these aren't typical of the mirena, its normally a different type from what he said. It's similar to what kind of polyps I was getting before, what required me to get mirena in the first place. Without the mirena, they would be a lot worse and I would probably require surgery again, and be in a whole lot of trouble like I was last year. I was really, really sick with how much blood loss I had with the polyps. He assured me without the mirena, I would be in a lot more trouble than I am. So even if mirena is somewhat causing the cysts, without it, I would be in even more trouble.

It sucks, and I hate that I've had so much problems with my uterus. I've known since I was 12 that my uterus is not so great. I wanted to take the mirena out but he thinks it would be a bad choice because it would just land me in the hospital requiring surgery with polyps again, or a for sure hysterectomy. I may need surgery, but at least mirena is putting it off. We will just have to see how the growth is in a month or two.

Although last night I was starting to get in a super horrible mood, and thought "Yup... my hormones are DEFINITELY spiking" and I feel like I am on edge. I dont know if it is just from the fact that I am just dealing with this news, or if I really am having a spike of hormones, but I am absolutely on edge and feel like I have some kind of spiking of hormones. Or it could be that I am sick and just don't feel good, lol. Blah! lol
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