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November 12th, 2011, 05:33 PM
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Brock Robert
11.7.11 8:49 am
9lb 2 oz 21.5 inches

On Sunday, November 6, I was having contractions for most of the day.. They were painful in the evening and were becoming more frequent, roughly 5-8 minutes apart. I called up to labor & delivery around 9:30 pm and they said to take a bath, lay down and drink a bunch of water. If things still felt bad, then to come to L&D.. I laid down and drank some water, and contractions were still coming but sporadically.. They were every 10 or so minutes.. So, around midnightish Colin woke up crying, so I went in, got him back to sleep and continued to have to breathe through contractions. Around 3:30 the contractions weren't quitting, and I was thinking maybe this was "it".. So, I texted my mom and told her that I was going to wake up my husband to go get checked at the hospital. So she came over, I woke up my husband and told him I wanted to head to the hospital.. He got up, took a quick shower, loaded up our stuff and off we went. We got to the hospital around 4 and the Dr. that was there was just about to go off call because it was Monday morning. So my nurse (whom I go to church with.. ) came in and said "Dr. Scott wants me to check you post haste to see if HE can leave or not.." She checked me and said "well, you're a good four, let's head over to a room!" You could see the dr's face fall.. Haha,, with just a couple hours of call left to go, someone comes in in labor. Haha. So, around 4:30-5 he broke my water and said that if I didn't start having more frequent contractions that they could start pitocin to get things going more steadily. So, I hung out in bed for a while, got up and rocked in the rocking chair.. My contractions were about every five minutes apart, so they started pitocin around 6-630.. At 7am was shift change and my nurse, Janine came in. She was there when Colin was born & she was there the previous Friday when my sister in law had her baby! So anyway, she checked me around 7:30 and said I was a 6! Woohoo! Things were floating along! Around 8ish MY ob came in and checked me and said I was a good 7. I started getting a little panicky here because I knew time was running out for the epi, but I still was doing okay with contractions. So, another 20 minutes or so and he checked me again, I was an 8.. Things were kind of flying.. So, the panic really set in.. Around 8:20-8:30 I started pushing. The pain/pressure was the most intense thing I've ever felt in my life.. I kept screaming-- I was totally awful. Between contractions I kept telling myself to shut up, and stop the screaming, but then I'd start pushing again and the screaming just kept happening.. :\ The ring of fire was the worst, and I just kept yelling "get him out, get him out!" Finally at 8:49 Brock Robert came screaming into the world with a full head of blonde blonde hair! He weighed 9lb 2oz and at first he looked EXACTLY like his big brother! He's such a sweet content baby and really only cries when is hungry.. His big brother is a fan of him and is always asking "hold it, hold it" wanting to hold him.
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