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November 13th, 2011, 06:06 PM
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I had planned to give everyone an update after my first couple acupuncture appointments, but havent done so because it is hard to gauge any changes or improvements when being treated for recurrent miscarriage (its not like I have physical symptoms as ppl with pain do). I have had 4 appointments so far and my acupuncturist is treating me for Kidney QI (Yin) deficiency. He is doing aggressive treatments to try to improve my bloodflow/circulation and balance my hormones. At my last appointment he asked how I felt about trying herbs, this is something that I have been leary of and wanted to check with my RE before trying anything since I intend to try more medicated cycles...
Here is his response:
The literature is mixed on this issue. In fact a review article recommends not partaking due to some evidence of a deliterious effect. Also, one can never be 100% sure of what is in the herbs as they are not controlled by the FDA. So, overall, I would have to say I cannot endorse these though, again, this is far from a settled, rock-solid opinion.

Kinda wishy washy if you ask me but I have decided that I will just continue with acupuncture and not try herbs. As I said before I am doing acpuncture so that in the end no matter what happens I can say i tried.
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