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November 14th, 2011, 06:45 AM
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Congrats! I am 15 weeks right now, and i would bet a stranger just thinks i'm fat. but it took me a LONG time to show with my first pregnancy too - like 20-24 weeks. I think it depends on how skinny you were to begin with and how long your torso is.

As far as the "oh crap" feeling...we still get it every now and then, but it was like that with our first child too. even after we had him, we would still look at eachother and just go "i can't believe this is OUR child!" so if this is your first pregnancy, i'm sure it's some of that too, esp since you had difficulties becoming pregnant. (so did we)

Just one question for you....I'm assuming you know it's identicals because they share a placenta, do they share a sac or are they in their own sacs? Ours are sharing a placenta but each have thier own sacs, but I'm getting monthly u/s to monitor thier growth (i would assume shared sacs would be maybe even more monitoring) One thing I would keep in mind when searching for a new OB is what kind of monitoring he will be doing to be sure there is no TTTS, proper growth, etc, especially towards the end.

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