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November 14th, 2011, 01:21 PM
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OK ladies I've finally done all the final totting up and have the results ready for you!

First of all thanks to all participants for making this really worthwhile and a lot of fun! You boosted activity nicely on The Mommy Lounge and Entertainment. We are now waiting on October's Top 50 Boards results (delayed due to tech difficulties) to confirm exactly how nicely. But a big thank you from me and from Angie for really getting stuck in!

The winning team was....TEAM ENTERTAINMENT with a massive 100 points!
Well done ladies! I will be posting a poll on your board for you to choose when you'd like your mini-reading night, and requesting a winning-team blinkie over at Blinkies R Us.

Well done also to runners-up TEAM MOMMY LOUNGE with a very respectable 46 points!

Now to the individuals! Team Entertainment are shown in blue and Team Mommy Lounge in pink.

In reverse order:

krislati - good intentions but nil points

LJD3Tdance - 1

Layce - 2

KaylynnandAddisonsMommy - 2

Mom2Brendan - 2

Shades of Grey - 3

Earthlysoul - 7

Gaby&Emmy'sMama - 9

Jessica121706 - 11

Jennhowru - 13

Augie - 16

lovemyboysandabbey2 - 18

MommaOnCloud9 - 19

mommy2Breana+Brandon - 33

Now I originally said that the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up would all be invited to the mini-reading night regardless of which team they were on. As the top three places are all on the winning team anyway, I have decided to invite Jennhowru and Augie, the top two scorers on Team Mommy Lounge who really did try very hard, to the mini-reading night. I will let you two girls know when Team Entertainment have picked a date. Well done for all your efforts and hard work!

And our top cats are...(please thank OurSweetLabs for your winner blinkies:

Second runner-up:


First runner-up:


A big well done for all your efforts ladies!

And our winner is...


An absolutely well deserving winner who put in 110% for her team - she even did ALL 5 dares for the final challenge to secure her team the bonus 10 points, and played pretty much every single challenge. I'm sure nobody will mind me offering you a full 3-4 card reading at the mini-reading night for all your energies, efforts and trouble.

So another massive well done and let's hear lots of big ups now for all our winners and high scorers - and please pop over to your sister board to congratulate/commiserate the opposite team!

All your individual scores will now be transferred to the Mommy Lounge Lucky Leaderboard - for details of end-of-year prizes and how you can add to your leaderboard points please visit this sticky!


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