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November 14th, 2011, 02:29 PM
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Name: Emma
Current: 55,274
Goal: 56,500

Name: Emma
Current: 55,274
Goal: 56,500

Lady Valkyrie
Name: Sharron
Current: 46,017
Goal: 47,500

Name: Cathy
Current: 36251
Goal: 37251

I'm a bit late with this for it to be worth making a goal for the end of November, so let's make a goal for the end of 2011.

You'll get double the normal points for playing this time so 6 points for achieving your goal and 10 points for the lady who smashes her goal by the most.

Everyone who played last month achieved their goal (I've updated in last month's thread) - just think about how much you normally post and where you're at now.

Post your name, current post count and post goal here to enter, and when a number of you are signed up I'll get it stickied.

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