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November 15th, 2011, 08:39 PM
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What has your Dr, said about the 2 different meters giving different results. I used the One Touch ultra mini with my last pregnancy, I am from Canada and here we would measure the sugar levels in mmol so I am not sure when reading your numbers if they are high or not. Are you taking insulin. I had GD with mu last 2 pregnancies and I am expecting it with my 4th as well.
Last pregnancy I know that I had a higher reading back to back and I know it was not possible so I called the complany and they said that they could send me a control solution...I never ended up needing it cause the numbers were o.k after that. I would many call the company and tell them what has been happening, or go and see a Pharmasist and ask them what they think. I know here in Canada, the Pharmasits are so helpful and sometimes know more then the Dr,s when it comes to meds, and the glucose machines cause they deal with them alot....
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