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November 15th, 2011, 09:44 PM
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I talked to my drs office today and I was told to go with the readings that my new meter is giving me. When I go in next week for my check up they will compare both of my meters to their lab and hopfully that will help. A normal reading here is between 70-120 an hour after eating and 70-90 fasting. Most of the time my OneTouch has me over, but my new Freestyle has me in normal range. A perfect example of this issue is this morning my fasting reading was 72 on my Freestyle and 101 on my OneTouch, if I went by the reading on my OneTouch I would need to take a Glyburide, if I went by the Freestyle my glucose is perfect. If my OneTouch is wrong and I had gone by that reading I could have ended up with very very low blood sugar. That happened almost every time with my last pregnancy. Once I find out which meter is correct compared to the lab I will be making a complaint to the company of the wrong meter. This issue could kill someone. Although I've only had GD I grew up around diabetes and lostmy dad to this horrible desease so I know how these meters hold peoples lives in their little electronic hands.
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