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November 16th, 2011, 08:10 PM
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I could've written that myself, except that the G/T program didn't start until I was in 3rd grade. I was one of the first to be in it.

I went to a very small school (12 kids in my graduating class) until 4th grade. I loved it! I feel I got a very good education there, and I still remember vividly what I learned each year.

Middle school (larger district) was a joke. I was in the top groups for LA and math, but still, it was a joke. (Classes were remedial, average, and advanced ... although the material wasn't any different... only the pace was a little bit accelerated.) The pull-out gifted thing was stupid. We went once a month to another classroom to learn about reading each other's minds (seriously??) and how to make simple books for blind kids (and then we read them onto cassette tapes before delivering them).

Junior high was pretty fun. It's the first time I had any sort of challenge, and only because I was allowed to take Algebra 1 and Biology in 9th grade (junior high was 7-9, and high school was 10-12). Most kids took pre-algebra and general science in 9th grade.

High school was mostly a joke. I was in the honors classes, but they were what I'd consider average classes. There was only one A/P available. It was fun because I was in it with only about 8 other girls. No boys signed up.

My school experience did NOT prepare me for life. There's no way in heck I could've gotten into a good school if I'd wanted to. My college experience was what I would expect from a good high school. Again... totally not prepared for life. I had *ONE* semester of math in college. *ONE!* I minored in science with only one math class. How is that even possible???

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