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November 16th, 2011, 08:18 PM
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In elementary school, I didn't like being "the smart one." I was always singled out in front of the class and told that I didn't have to do assignments that other people had to do. That was their way of dealing with me. I wasn't given extra work or different work, I was given no work.

I went to a private Catholic school for 1st-5th grade, and they really stifled any kind of creativity I might have had. They didn't have a gifted program, so I went to one of the public elementary schools once a month, all day, for a gifted program there. I hated that. I hated having to eat lunch without my friends. I hated the activities we did. I always dreaded that one day every month.

I really don't remember much from junior high.

I was in AP/Honors classes in high school, but nothing was very challenging. By that point I kind of came to terms with the fact that I was gifted, and it became a huge part of my identity. I liked that everything was easy for me.

Of course it was a shock when I went off to college and realized that I actually had to do some work in order to get the grades I wanted.

I don't know if any of that has really affected me. I'll dig deeply into topics that interest me, but I don't want to work hard if something is boring. But that's just my personality, I think. I can't imagine being any different if things have been more challenging for me, expect that maybe I would have burned out a lot quicker and not wanted to go to college. But maybe having things so easy and finally having a challenge in college is what convinced me that I didn't want to go as long as I'd need to in order to be a doctor (which was the original plan) because I wasn't used to that challenge. Who knows? But I'm happy where I am now, so I guess I'll take the approach that I always do and say that everything happens for a reason.

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