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November 16th, 2011, 08:21 PM
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I make them at least taste whatever is on their plate. Don't like it, then don't eat it and you are free to find something else to eat(or when younger, I'd make it if they couldn't). I would never intentionally put something on their plates that they don't like at all and would never tolerate even a tiny bit of. I will however give them new things to try from time to time and everyone has to taste. Even me, I'm no exception to the rule. There are times I make things I'm not super fond of, but because the kids have to at least taste, so do I. Actually we had an issue with guacamole not too long ago. None of the kids liked it, they all said they hated it and it was nasty. I made it again a few days ago for a snack and before I could even finish working and get it out, the kids had devoured it all and I had to make more. So much for being nasty.

If someone is having a moment and doesn't want anything on their plate, it usually means they are either A-sick(or getting sick) or B-tired. In those cases(rare) we find something else(usually something small)l to eat and then we go lay down somewhere. Dd1 was still getting over a nasty cold all last week and that is how a few nights went for her. She had a lot of soup last week, and a lot of naps.
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