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November 17th, 2011, 04:59 AM
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Yikes!! You all are so smart....I don't feel worthy. LOL

When I was in elementary school I found it easy and looking back I see I had straight A's. I went to a large school and there was no TAG. My mother wasn't real proactive in my education - I was just easy because I was good and got good grades. I remember staying afterschool for an art enrichment program in grades 4,5, and 6 because I was good in art. That's all I remember from elementary school.

Middle school was okay. More challenging. Still a big school and I was in honors classes but I struggled with some things. Not because I couldn't do the work - because I wasn't doing the work.

High school was the same. Got decent grades, and some honors classes. Never took an AP class in my life. But I was more about social life than classes. I think that stems from my mom not being proactive in my schooling. I picked my own classes in high school and took the easy route so I wouldn't have to do much. I don't know why she would let me take the easiest things. Easier for her I guess.

When I got to college I was in NO way prepared!! It was more challenging than anything I exposed myself to in high school.

I wasn't in TAG, and I wasn't as gifted as you ladies. I was kind of on my own I guess when it came to my education. My sister was a BAD kid and got bad grades so my mother (single mom) was more preoccupied with her.

I am overly involved in my kids education to make up for it.

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