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November 17th, 2011, 08:51 AM
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I was scheduled for an NST on Monday the 14th at my doctor's office. I went in and during the NST Aniston was not moving enough for my doctor so she told me to leave and head for the hospital.
I arrived at the hospital around 5pand they began the induction shortly after. I wasn't given pitocin because my cervix was not ready for it so she gave me some pill that they inserted vaginally. That evening I was experiencing contractions but they did not hurt one bit which I was surpirsed with. The following morning my contractions had slowed enough to where they could give me another pill, but this pill was twice the dosage. And let me tell you that thing got everything going.
I was in tears on 2pm Tuesday and finally made it to 4 centimeters and got my epidural! What a life saver that thing is. It did take the anesthesiologist a couple of times to get the epidural in my back correctly but it was definitely worth it.
An hour later I was at 6 centimeters but the epidural slowed the entire process down so I didn't reach 10 centimeters until 10pm Tuesday evening. During the contractions Aniston's heart rate wasn't returning quick enough so instead of pushing they kept an eye on her. Somewhere before reaching 10 my doctor asked me what I wanted to do either hae a csection or try pitocin. I chose pitocin, which did the trick to get me to 10.
Around 12pm the nurse came in and told me they may make me have a cscetion despite the progress because of her heart rate not doing well enough and because she hadn't dropped far enough down yet. They didn't know if her umblical cord was wrapped around her or maybe she was just too big. I was furious because I wanted to be induced a week earlier and just the thought of them making me wait 10 days past my due date and possibly having to have a csection because she may be too big.
Luckily the doctor decided to keep watching her and the nurse wanted me to try to push to see if I could. Thankfully I made some progress while pushing and did not need the csection. I started pushing at 2am and 2 hours later at 4:19am on Nov 16th Aniston was born! She weighed in at 8lbs 7oz and measured 19inches long. She now officially shares a birthday with her aunt!
We are both doing great, I only had a slight tear which didn't even need stitches amazingly! I wonder now how much smaller she may have been if she actually came on her due date instead of 12 days later.
Pictures to come once I get home....
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