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November 17th, 2011, 11:29 AM
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What are...

3 things that must be done this weekend?
1.ride on the dance studio float with Lily for the Christmas parade
2.Take Lily to a birthday party
3.Make a grocery list for Thanksgiving

3 things that you would like to get done this weekend?
1. Go to the Renaissance Festival since it's the last weekend
2. Get the weeds sprayed
3. Get the junk hauled away by our carport that our handyman left there (we withheld the last payment until he took it to a dumpster but it's been months since he finished our dormer windows)

3 things that you wish would get done but likely won't this weekend?
1. Organize the clutter
2. Vacuum and dust mop the upstairs floors
3. Clean bathrooms

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