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November 17th, 2011, 03:44 PM
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Hello Ladies,

My name is Kayla - I'm in the middle of my 3rd miscarriage. I'm beginning to think there is something wrong with me. I'm taking this one fairly well, No crying at all. I think i got that all out after my first U/S when the baby was measuring 2 weeks behind! I just KNEW the u/s tech was wrong. Guess not. I started to spot on Sunday, and then it stopped but I wanted to call my dr office on monday morning to see what they wanted to do. They ended up havcing me come in for another u/s and the baby was still doing fine, had a heartbeat of 114 (low i know but better then the first one 104), but he was still doing well. Well i was cramping after the u/s and i didnt think anything of it casue well its a vaginal u/s and they can do that. Later monday night i went to the restroom and there was a TON of bright red blood - I just knew that was it. The u/s prob had just "jump started" my loss Why me - Is all i could think. There are soooo many horrible people out there yet MY kids are the ones that keep being taken from me. I belive I passed the baby early tuesday morning there was a "clot" that was decent size about 2 quarters one on top of the other in size. But it was translucent - None of my others were like that, and there was a liquid in it. I didnt think the amniotic fluid came till later ( i was only 8 weeks). My baby measured behind from teh get go though. I called my dr office again on tuesday and they said from the sound of it it sounds like i'm having a miscarriage - Well duh lady i knew that!!! So she wants me to come back Next Tuesday for yet ANOTHER u/s to check to make sure everything has cleared out and to check to make sure that its even a miscarriage. She must think i'm stupid? I guess i'm here to join you girls. We aren't trying again right now - Possibly in January but thats not even a for sure yet. I think its hard yet easy this time because just Monday i saw his/her little heart beating away, and not more then 6 hours later it was all ending But yet its easier to me this time becasue I did get to see the heartbeat twice, and I have 3 pics of him/her.

Mark and Kayla
Jasmine-7, Eamon-4, Zaylee-1
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