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November 18th, 2011, 07:18 AM
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So I have been having tons of soreness and pressure down in my lower stomach. It could either be an UTI, or the severe (TMI) gas I have been having lately. The gas has been so bad that my stomach bloats until it is hard as a rock.

Anyway, I still do not have insurance and I probably won't have it until the beginning of the year, so I have to pay for these out of pocket (usually a couple hundred dollars). I called my doctor to see if she would just call me in some meds, but they called late last night and want me to come in. I am going to see if I can cancel my appointment a week from now and just go in today. I cannot afford two back to back appointments right before Christmas. *sigh*

But for some reason, I am freaking out over all of this! I do not understand why I would be so scared of a 2nd appointment. I literally cannot wait until I can feel the baby move so I am not so terrified all the time. Plus I ordered my doppler over a week ago, and it is still not here. I guess all these late losses are scaring me half to death.


Appointment went well! No UTI, and I guess she said the crampy and soreness is from constipation and gas. I have TONS of both, so I completely understand if that is it. We also got the h/b on the doppler right away. 173 bpm!! I guess he/she is on my lower left side. I cannot wait until I get my doppler delivered so that I can show my husband. He was kind of upset that he was not able to go to both my u/s and this appointment. I did make a huge mistake though and get Taco Bell afterwards. Now on top of it all, I feel SICK. Hoe can something that was so delicious 5 minutes ago hurt so bad??

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