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November 19th, 2011, 09:30 PM
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I went to public school all the way through. Due to a lawsuit right before I started kindergarten I was not allowed to attend my neighborhood school, but was sent across town to a mostly African-American school. They were attempting to make the schools racially equal. Most white parents however opted to send their kids to private school rather than make the move, so the school remained predominantly poor and black. It really was not a good school and really lacked resources. Every so often the NAACP would get involved and basically force the school to provide things. I was in AG at that school and I enjoyed my pull out program. It was my favorite part of school. I also skipped one grade, which made me the youngest in my class.

Middle school wasn't that great for me. I really think middle school aged kids are just unpleasant, myself including.

I adored my high school. I had such a nice time there, and was busy with sports, band, clubs, and friends. Oh, and a few classes squeezed in. I hope my kids get to have such a good experience when their time comes. The school did offer honors and AP courses, and I enjoyed that.

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Of course it was a shock when I went off to college and realized that I actually had to do some work in order to get the grades I wanted.
LOL....that sounds just like me. I was so bummed out to realize in college that when I wrote a paper the night before all I got was a "C." Gone were the days of 100's and glowing reviews for assignments I had spent maybe an hour on. It took me an entire year to get with the program too.

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