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November 20th, 2011, 06:44 AM
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I was identified gifted in Kindergarten. In first and second I was in combination classes 1/2 and 2/3 (there were only six of us in the younger grade, everyone else was the older grade). Then they did away with those combo classes and so I essentially repeated 3rd grade. There was a group of 6 of us that had several hours a week in TaG pull out. We had to make up the work we missed when we were out of the classroom, but it was no big deal since we'd all essentially already had 3rd grade before. In 4th grade we had a teacher who really pushed us hard. In 5th we had a teacher who snuck in materials for 7th grade and higher that he paid for out of his own pocket just for the six of us. County rules were that you could only use materials one grade level ahead of your regular grade no matter what. Obviously that teacher thought that rule was silly. We had to swear we wouldn't tell and none of us and none of our parents ever did. Our parents were grateful. Then I was put in a special Scholars group that I was supposed to stay with for core classes through 12th grade. Basically, the school system had previously had Honors, A level, and B level classes (renamed a few years before from A, B, and C level because they decided that "C" level wasn't good for self-esteem). Well, they added Scholars to that for a very small group (like 20 kids per school). My parents pulled me out and I was homeschooled until I went to college full time at 17 (I took individual college classes for a few years before that).

Despite all of that I was always SO BORED. I'd finish my work super fast and "bother my neighbor" (they finally got smart and put the "special 6" in a group together in the room and we no longer bothered our neighbors because we all finished our work super fast). I can't say, though, that my years in public school were bad. They really weren't and I am lucky that I lived in a county that tried really hard for gifted kids. The elementary school I went to was and still is predominantly black yet it's always been a very strong performing school. The teachers there seemed and still seem (from what I could see when Cameron had his dyslexia testing there) to really care (my 4th grade teacher and the gym teacher are still there! - I was there in the 80s). They really, really tried and I do appreciate that.

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