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November 20th, 2011, 10:00 AM
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Have you ever read your husbands emails without him knowing? yes i have in the past....but there was a reason for that LOL....and even after that happened and everything was said and done i did TELL him that i did it....but now? no....he will callme from work and tell me to go check his email for him but i only ever check what he wants and get off...
Have you ever taken something from a store without paying? not to my knowledge LOL
Have you ever seen someones name on the caller id and not answered cos you didnt want to talk to them? yep LOL
Have you ever cancelled plans using a fake excuse? umm not that i can remember? usually my excuses are valid lol....there might have been a time or two they have not been....but for the most part i like to make sure the excuse is at least somewhat legit LOL otherwise i just feel horrible!
Have you ever pretended you didnt feel well so your dh/so would do something for you? eg get up with the kids, housework etc hahaha no cause it wouldn't work anyways....

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