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November 20th, 2011, 01:15 PM
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Have you ever read your husbands emails without him knowing? Yeah, but we dont really keep things secret like that. we get alot of internet billing (instead of papers) so i often log on to check something.
Have you ever taken something from a store without paying? Yes. I was shopping with jake and had a big pack of nappies under the stroller. I paid for the rest of my stuff and walked out with the nappies. I went back in and paid, i was mortified.
Have you ever seen someones name on the caller id and not answered cos you didnt want to talk to them? Hells yeah!
Have you ever cancelled plans using a fake excuse? Yeah! i usually do it when its a money issue or if i had forgotten about it and then realised i really dont want to do it.
Have you ever pretended you didnt feel well so your dh/so would do something for you? eg get up with the kids, housework etc Yep, I pretend my pregnancy pains are much worse than they are to get out of doing things!

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