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November 20th, 2011, 02:03 PM
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Have you ever read your husbands emails without him knowing?the only time i ever read it is if he asks me to jump on for him really quick to see if he got something new but other then that no.
Have you ever taken something from a store without paying?i did once on accident and i was SO embarrased that when i noticed at the car i ran back in and paid for it. it was a blanket for raleigh when she was little..i had picked that up first and then went and bought some of those big rubbermaid container things well i set those in the cart on top of it and since i had two the checkout lady told me to just grab the one on top and she would scan it twice. so i really forgot it was under them until i loaded them into the car. OMG i turned red!
Have you ever seen someones name on the caller id and not answered cos you didnt want to talk to them?yes, all the time. lol
Have you ever cancelled plans using a fake excuse?nope.
Have you ever pretended you didnt feel well so your dh/so would do something for you? eg get up with the kids, housework etcnope, he is pretty good and will do something if i want him to.
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