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November 20th, 2011, 03:39 PM
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Hi everyone-not sure if you all remember me (Becky and Marie will, since I'm on their Facebook pages!), but I wanted to come see how everyone and the babies are! We gave up TTC after we were told that the only possiblity left was IVF, and insurance wouldn't even come close to covering any of it. So, DH and I stay busy with DS, who is now 15, and DD, who is 12. They are both involved in sports, and DD in band and service club at school, along with a recent nomination for National Junior Honor Society.

Anyway, I've enjoyed reading about how everyone is doing! It is good to see how big Katie and Matt are, and I see Marie's pics of her adorable kiddos and Becky's Mark regularly. Mari, your newest addition is so precious! Good luck on your move.

Take care!


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