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November 20th, 2011, 05:02 PM
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Hey ladies its been a very long time but I thought I would check in and post Karson's birth story.
On Tuesday October 11 I was having a normal day, took Braylon to school at 815am. I hung around the house cleaned etc.. I picked him up from school around 11:40am. I went home fixed us some lunch and everything was great. At about 12:15pm I stood up to get something and had a small gush of fluid so I walked in the bathroom to check it out. As soon as I sat down I had more, then more. So I called my Bff and told her I think my water broke! So of course she said then call your doctor lol. So I called my dr told her what happened and she said yep sounds like it! She told me to head to the hospital within the hour and she would call in my orders for me. So I called Dh who was working 25min away and he raced home to drive me and take Braylon to my grandmas.

We got to the hospital around 1:30pm get checked in and settled. They check me and Im at 2cm so they start the pitocin. I felt great contractions def started then!! I was comfortable at this point joking around with Dh,my sister and mom. They came in a few hours later and I was only at 2 1/2cm. So my mom took my sister home because she had to work. I started feeling the pain a lot at this point. My contractions were every 2min.. So I begged them to check me again because I wanted my epidural but couldnt get it until I was 3cm. So they checked me again about 40min later and I was 3! So they got the anesthesiologist and I got my epi..but it took forever because my contractions were right on top of each other and so so so painful. They turned my pitocin off for me..whew! Within an hour I got the epi done and started to get comfy. They came in to check me again and I was at 7cm! My mom came back and freaked out because she didnt think I would go so quick. So I napped a little and next thing I know my Dr comes in at midnight to check me and Im complete and ready to push!! Holy cow I was still half asleep. lol So they get my prepped and the dr gets ready.. I started to push and 13min later my handsome Karson was born at 12:33am October 12 His birth was so amazing and short I cant believe it was over so quick!!He latched right on and is a BF champ!!

I will get pics posted soon Oh and my siggy changed
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