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November 21st, 2011, 12:41 PM
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November 21st 2011

This was our 3rd month trying for was also part of our original plan to create a July baby! We wanted a July baby for 2 is related to Mommy's work (I go into the schools during the school year so I didn't want to be on maternity leave during the school year if I could help it) and the second reason is so our birthdays could all be in a row! Lainey's is in March, Daddy in April, Gabby in May, and Mommy in June, and now you in July!

So this was our first month we decided to give ourselves a little help and use ovulation predictors. We got a positive ovulation stick on 11/1/11......well on 11/11/11 I got my first positives on 2 different pregnancy tests!

I surprised Daddy by getting a special ornament for Lainey for says "Middle Child" he opened it and was all "what is this?" I let him know it was actually for Lainey! He then figured it out right away and was super excited! We will give Gabby an "Oldest Child" ornament on Christmas day and then also let her open Lainey's "Middle Child" ornament for her way of finding out that she is soon going to be a big sister again!

I have been feeling ok for the most part so far......I am not holding my breath since my first two pregnancies I had LOTS of morning (and afternoon and evening!) sickness! So far I have just had some sleepiness (Daddy said that is nothing new!) and some tenderness in the breasts (nothing too awful though). Some foods do seem to be tasting not good to me but no strong aversions really as of yet.

I have my first doctor appointment on December 13th and I am sooo excited to get this pregnancy officially confirmed by the doctor (even though I have taken many at home tests to keep seeing those positive lines, even took one this morning!).
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