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November 23rd, 2011, 12:45 AM
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Thank you ALL for the helpful info! It's comforting to know that it IS possible... to survive with twins and a toddler lol. My husband and I were thrilled to know we were pregnant, we told ourselves, 2 kids TOTAL is perfect! And thats where we planned on stopping, so to find out it's twins, was a HUGE shock to us. We are looking into a 3rd row seated car as I don't feel comfortable having all three kids in one row together and I think it would kill my back trying to get all of them in their seats everytime we get in and out of the car. I have bad RA and Fibro. Plus by that time, my daughter will know how to buckle herself in and out of her toddler seat so I can put her in the back row and then the twins in the middle row. Also we make road trips back to NY wen my DH deploys, so by having a bigger vehicle, we can drive there and bring all of our luggage and strollers with us.

The Joovy Big Caboos is a top contender for us. If my daughter is anything at the age of 24 months, like she is now at the age of 18 months, she is an INDEPENDENT woman and likes to roam and do her own thing. I have a feeling if I let her walk while I pushed the twins, I would loose her, and if I try to have her hold onto a 'leash' or something attached to the stroller to stick with us, she will throw a tantrum. She doesnt like to be forced to do anything lol.

But all the info has been great so far and I so appreciate everyone's input! I will definitely be sticking around to participate on the board
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