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November 23rd, 2011, 01:01 PM
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As I'm sure we all are, I just wanted to pop in when I had a moment to say that - goodness! Sorry for my absence! We are super busy and hubby is working 12 hour shifts on top of it (which we need, so that's good! LOL I keep reminding myself...).

We are working on shopping lists and Black Friday sales, so that we can be sure and get the best deals on the most important things the kids really want this year. Mom came over this weekend and I helped her plan Thanksgiving dinner, down to her grocery list, and then we went grocery shopping. She's on top of me to get her a list of things the kids want, but we have to decide which of those things WE are getting before I can do that! LOL

Today is baking day so hubby gets off at 5pm and then is going to be busy even more! Monday my oldest son went home with my mother and spent the night, so I went 24 hours without help to boot. LOL That's why I wasnt' around on Monday and Tuesday like usual!

Anyway, wanted to at least drop by and say hello and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope to blog some Thanksgiving thoughts later today. If you haven't visited my blog yet please do! Display His Splendor - and I'm trying to get more regular in my posts. It's especially hard this time of year though! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to whom we are thankful.

Much thanks to Alethia for my beautiful siggie and tags!!
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