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November 23rd, 2011, 01:11 PM
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First off Congrats.

My DD was 18 months 2 days when my boys were born. I was in the same boat with driving a Altima. DH ended up taking over the Altima and I took over his Explorer. We already had 2 Britax Blvd so I just had to buy a 3rd conv when they were ready and I got the Radian which is perfect for 3 in a row. I agree you would kill yourself bending over putting 3 kids in an Altima. DD is now almost 3 and she would be clueless as to how to buckle herself in and then tighten the strap. Also you may want to make sure the 3rd row has a tether anchor, some don't.

As far as strollers goe. The joovy will not allow a toddler to sit if you have infant carriers in the stroller so keep that in mind. I got the Chicco Together and put DD in the front, a carrier in the back and wore a baby on the rare occasions I went out with all of them. I found it was easier just to stay at home and get help when I needed to go to the grocery store. I have also used the monkey backpack thing with leash and that helped some too. Also with the dbl joovy it may not fit in your car. A friend had one and she said hers didn't fit in her smaller suv.

Good luck.

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