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November 24th, 2011, 06:34 PM
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I hope that you find out what meter is the good one...That is a huge difference 72 on one meter and 101 on another.
Here in Canada, being pregnant with GD they want ous fasting under 5.3 in the morning, below 7.8 i believe after one hour and below 6.7 after 2 hours. My levels were always like 5.5 in the morning, so I needed a little bot of insulin to bring it down, but the insuling did not always work. I had to keep increasing my units.
I have been using the One Touch Ultra Mini and have not seem to have had problems with it. Once I tested myself and I was like 9.1 which was high for me cause I never had amounts that high so I tested again and it went back down to like 6.5. I called the compamy and they were telling me that different things could have affected it. If you test on one finger after another you will get a different result which I think is silly...It is all the same blood, it should all give the same results...
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