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November 25th, 2011, 10:02 AM
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Well we have determined that I need to throw my old meters away and just ue the Freestyle meters. The OneTouchs are wrong. I hae to keep testing myself with my new meter for another week and a half and if my numbers are still perfect than I can stop testing myself. What bothers me so much about the OneTouch meter is that I took the results and trusted them. I was on medication because of what it told me and I could have easily gone into diabetic shock or even a diabetic coma and it could have killed my baby and I. When I was pregnant with my son I can't even remember how many times my sugar dropped so low while I was driving that I had to pull over on the side of the road. I could have killed others as well! My dr also seems to think now that I did not have GD with my last pregnancy and that my OneTouch meter gave me false results. I lost my dad to diabetes, he was on his motercycle when his sugar dropped and we are assuming since he was so close to home (like 2 min) that he decided to wait until he got home, well his sugar dropped and he laid his bike down into an oncoming car and both vehicles caught fire. My dad was already in a diabetic coma when he laid his bike down and h was thrown from the bike so he didn't feel anythin from the accident. I'm telling this because I know first hand in a few different way what diabetes can do and how important glucometers are to diabetics. Yes that are annoying and a hassle but they really do effect peoples lives. They give you are high number and you take medication to bring your sugar down, they give you a number in the normal range and you smile, feel god about yourself, and go on, they give you a low number and you take measures to correct it. If a glucometer gives you a incorrect number like both of my OneTouch ultras do, then there could be deadly consequences.
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